Specializing in the Import and Export of:


BRT Provisioners has been importing and exporting seafood and agricultural products since 1985. We represent large fisheries in North America and Europe. BRT Provisioners sells and has purchasing channels in Europe, America, and Asia for fresh frozen seafood.  We specialize in importing bait to Canada and USA - especially hard bait like redfish/ocean perch.


BRT Provisioners supplies the pet food industry with their ingredients. Please see a listing below of the various animal by-products that we buy and sell to pet food manufacturers within North America.

Beef and Pork By-Products:

Lungs, liver, kidneys, spleens, gullets, hearts, and any other by-products produced by Federal/Provincial inspected plants.

Poultry By-Products:

Liver, necks and backs, cages and/or pieces, feet, viscera, skins or fats, ground or whole.

Cod & Sole Frames:

We supply frozen ground cod & sole frames.

MD Ocean Whitefish:

We import frozen MD ocean whitefish for pet food manufacturers.

EU Approved Salmon:

Reliable source of eu approved salmon producers for pet food manufacturing

Gloves, Mitts & Leather

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We act as agents for leather tanneries in Brazil and Europe. We also buy and sell our own stock of leather, which we purchase worldwide. We are happy to source any type of leather available such as: cow (bovine), sheep, lamb, goat, pig, deer, moose and horse. For manufacturers such as: upholstry, garment, shoe/boot, glove, belt, etc...

We can supply you with finished leather, splits (suede), leather in the crust, and wetblue hides. Please inquire about our cow rugs.

WE STOCK COW RUGS - various colours available (rugs not exactly as shown)

Our Brazilian cow hide Area Rugs are #1 quality at a fraction of the price.
Size Med-Large (approx. 36 sq ft)

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